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After all, Jiang Qianxue had no previous experience with love and she was very young. She really needed to seriously consider the current situation.


This can be considered as just one of the ways I make my greeting. Luckily, things were not too bad. Tianyi felt fearful as he quickly said, I did leave some money as compensation. Two thousand dollars should be enough to pay for a main door like this. I left twenty thousand. Im also an Honorary Aristocrat. We can be considered family, right?


You want to take over a shop that loses money on a daily basis? Ace finally understood what Hong Dali meant by squandering. What do you intend to do with it?


As both were impressed by the new godsons ideas, Mister Gate suddenly said, Next, I want to see what my new son intends to do. He chuckled. I shall follow the instructions. I will sell all the pieces of equipment for one thousand apiece. I will not increase the price nor put them up for auction. I wont put the other pieces of equipment up for sale as well. I want to see what other money-making ideas this son will have. Wahahahahaha!


A maximum of ten thousand points. Apart from the audition, in order to be the top few, one has to get at least eight or nine thousand points. This competition is really


Dali, Tang Muxin asked cautiously, will anyone want to watch such a movie? I heard the review is quite strict here. Will we lose money?

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En. Li Tianxing sat beside Jiang Qianxue and gently said, You became prettier. But you look a little tired. Is there something bothering you?


No longer infatuated, Jiang Qianxue was once again calm. She picked up a book and, as she flipped through the pages, she asked Hong Dali, Since I already know what I need to do, then our relationship as experimental lovers


I have a relatively big store on level seventy-one. That is the floor that sells pets. The middle-aged man hung his head down and said abjectly, Frankly speaking, the shop is quite big. Its a pity. Quite a long time ago, about two years, my supplier encountered a Main City-level beast while hunting. He was only a Second-Order Planet Warrior, how could he win? Just like that, he died on that planet.


That murderous look was from someone who had actual combat experience, definitely not one that was made pretend.


Jiang Duxing frowned and shook his head. “What lucky. I don’t even know who this genius is. Do you think it’s so easy to find one person in this vast city?”


“Let me take a look.” An Elder summoned the holographic projection system. Faerie Star was a super enormous planet that was outside of the Milky Way. This planet didn’t belong to any Galaxy system, just revolving along by itself in the Universe. It actually had tens of smaller planets revolving around it too, like satellites. This was a sight that defied logic and at the same time expressed its uniqueness.


If it were any other situation it would be fine, but there is the advancement assessment to think about. Yin Lieyang said, troubled, If the outcome is too disgraceful, it might not hurt him physically, but he will become a laughing stock



Why? I just want to buy it, what do you mean why? The second person did not take it lying down. How about we take this outside?!



“Forget it, I can’t rely on you.” Lan Ruoxi pulled Hong Dali’s hand. “You stayed there with Xinxin and Nianwei. During this period of time, did you do it?”


“This really isn’t a good piece of news.” The Bureau Chief touched his chin and said, “Alright, continue with your research, I shall go report this first—looks like the nuclear bombs we created may really come in useful, after all.”


She was not as domineering as other Galaxy Aristocrats and she was pretty, comparable to Tang Muxin and Li Nianwei. Especially when she was with Hong Dali, she was like an obedient wife. It was distinctively different from her status as a Galaxy Aristocrat. She was as adorable as could be!

  • Speaking of which, Hong Dali had no idea that there were people here who hated him
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