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As a gold-level Double Honorary Aristocrat, Hong Dali clearly had a close relationship with Galaxy Aristocrat Jiang Qianxue. He could even make her wait for him. But this string-puller is too much. He actually said he was a prodigal and could not earn money? What was he thinking?


“Cough, cough, cough!” Hong Dali said it matter-of-factly that Tang Long started coughing violently. He coughed for quite a while as he was too shocked. “You say you passed all thirty levels? For real? In the past, there was a training tower just like this one. My Master only managed to pass twenty-six levels on the first day. The most powerful man in the Galaxy, Duan Xuan, also only managed to pass twenty-seven levels. And you are telling me you passed all thirty?!”


“Hidden Task (Second level): Guardian Heart. Mission explanation: For the glory of mankind, the host has decided to continue to become stronger. Mission Requirement: Add skills. All team members need to learn a high-level skill, or to fuse with a soul stone and become an energy user. Mission Reward: Third Gear. Third Gear explanation: In order to protect the lives of teammates and other human beings, the host can sacrifice forty-nine points of health and temporarily master a type of mysterious power that exists in the universe. Duration: 30 minutes. Additional explanation: Active skill. The consumed health attribute points can be replenished with attribute points earned from squandering.


Mister Eagle Eye was satisfied. He had lost the night before, but today, this amazing young man actually managed to win Gates when it came to knowledge about wine. It was his turn to lose. Amazing!


They really were recycling and reusing all the unwanted and discarded material. Before long, the seven shops were neatly hacked through. On the ground was a huge water pond connecting all seven stores. The stuff that should be hacked was hacked, and the ones that should be thrown were thrown. Then, they randomly added some sofas and coffee tables. The armor shop was thus complete!


“Freak, abnormal!” Fei Hong stared at the big screen for a while again. Then, he suddenly looked at Jiang Qianxue who had been looking at the screen and not moved at all for a long time. He secretly thought to himself: “From the looks of it, Master’s mood is even more agitated than mine. Sigh, if this carries on, this extremely powerful super-genius might be involved with the taboo of the Galaxy Aristocracy…”

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“According to the information Mr. Tang Long gave us,” said the mysterious man slowly, “there are huge numbers of Zerg, and they are mainly transported by the hive. Once they appear their numbers will cover the sky and the ground. Earth still does not have enough power to deal with them.”


“Yes!” The eight female servers hurriedly excused themselves as if they had received a pardon.


The technological advancements on Earth were improving very fast now. But just at this moment, the Zerg army was actually coming here!


With every step Li Tianxing took, apart from the invincible aura, icy snow formed where he walked past.


The words which sounded like he was talking to himself made Tang Muxins and Li Nianweis faces turn red. But they soon recovered.


Hong Dali continued, “Besides, after clearing the door, we should make some cabinets or something? Make some holes in the walls so we can put some decorations? We can also make a pool on the ground, let the customers fish or something? Some hacking and cutting will be needed to make a counter, or perhaps cut up stuff to move around? Such an important task can only be undertaken by a powerful swordsman like Uncle Mihawk!”


“Then… Alright.” Hong Dali thought for a while again, then suddenly remembered that James and a big bunch of people were still waiting to make a film. How could he have forgotten about such a good opportunity to squander? Upon thinking of this, Hong Dali’s eyes lit up. He smiled and said, “I did indeed think of something. Brother Tianzong, can you help me make a filming company? I want to film some stuff for fun… Such as buying some small planets and blowing them up for fun.”



In an instant, he pulled a long snake-like sword out from behind him. The sword was four feet long. Then, he started to move. First, he jumped back, then he thrust the sword forward.



Thats right. Jiang Dongliu said slowly, White Beard Gate has a hobby. Whenever he takes a holiday, he will go to a different planet chosen randomly. What he does on holiday is also varied and weird. This time, White Beard Gate pawned himself. That means he went to a pawn shop and pawned himself. The price was one hundred thousand Galaxy Dollars. Hong Dali did not even see him in person and made an offer of one hundred and twenty thousand, so Gate ended up staying with him. I wont tell you about what happened next, but Hong Dali is now one of Gates numerous godsons. Gate is so protective, the brat will be safe from now on!


This is obvious then. Jiang Dongliu smiled and said, You are full of questions about this mysterious man. You idolize him. You wonder, what he is like? Why is he so powerful? Level thirty, even Elder Mo Tianji could not get that far all those years ago, etc. In truth, this is nothing more than hero worship. In other words, youre just infatuated!


This guy rarely sprouted nonsense, but when he did, it was spectacular! They had a chance to see him in action today!

  • “Haha, Brother Dali is much better, you even gave me the Heavenly Frost Sword!” Yin Tianzong looked at the broadsword in his hand and drooled. “I shall go and play with it for a while. Brother Dali, you can go do your stuff first. I reckon that you will be busy for a few days after the filming company is transferred to you.”
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